Our Story...

We are a husband and wife team and our names are Matthew & Christina. Both of us grew up as missionary kids in third-world countries and have a lot of crazy life stories that we could tell. One thing that we both have in common is our love of dogs. Both of us raised dogs and have had many different breeds over the years. As a kid growing up on a mission field, sometimes your best friend is your dog. And sometimes, sadly, you have to live through losing them in tough situations. That's why we started the "Angel Doggos" collection. These artworks are all based on dogs that we've had over the years. Our main "character" is Pearl. She was Christina's favorite girl while living as a missionary kid in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, due to a civil war and other unfortunate events, Christina and her family had to evacuate the country suddenly. Christina only had 24 hours to pack up and find a place to leave Pearl. Sadly, while trying to find a safe place to leave her, Christina witnessed her beloved Pearl being killed right in front of her.

Everyone who has ever lost a pet knows how hard it can be, especially if that pet is you best friend. These NFTs are our tribute to some of our best friends over the years.

Why "Hooked On Nuggs?" Well, we came up with that name when we realized that our currenct dog, Charlie, would go absolutly crazy anytime we went to McDonalds. We made the mistake of giving him a chicken nugget once, and he has ever since been "Hooked On Nuggs." 😆 He won't leave us alon if he thinks that there are chicken nuggets around...in fact, we can't even say the word "chicken" without him getting all excited.

The "Bullrun Bulldogs" were our first venture into the NFT space. They are a collection of 1250 generated images, with hundreds of different traits. They are listed available on OpenSea, LooksRare, and Rarible for 0.01 ETH each. If you grab one (or all of them 😉) you will get whitelisted for any future projects we do.

The ピットブル 武士道 "Pit Bull Bushidō" collection is a series of 47 1/1 Samurai themed NFTs. Christina is part Japanese and we made this collection as a tribute to her Japanese grandmother who has always inspired her to be kind, loving, and hard working. Matthew also has black belts in Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do, and has used his martial arts background as part of his ministry. Teaching children and young people how to defend themselves has always been something that he is passionate about.

Matthew and his family have lived in Micronesia since 1997, and now he and Christina serve there as well. We have many different ministries: churches, printing, radio stations, village outreach, and outer island mission trips. We also distribute radios, food, building supplies, clothes, toys, and many other things. If you would like to learn more about our ministry, don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Costs of travel, housing, and everyday living have gone up so high that we've decided to try and find new ways to support ourselves. That's why we're here on Web3 looking to sell NFTs 😄

Everything we do is for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ! Thank you and God bless!